NEW YEAR FES 2015 - The Earliest Music Festival with First Sunrise of the Year

Let's bRave & Celebrate 2015 all together
<< First sunrise of the year, awesome guests, experience the Japanese new year that you have never experienced…. That is NEW YEAR FES!! >>


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◎ What is NEW YEAR FES?
Completely new and exciting style of welcoming and wishing the best for the brand new year!!
Starting the first morning of 2015 with music, dance and other entertainments to light up and pump up the day and the year… That is NEW YEAR FES!!
Breathtaking sunrise with GOOD MUSIC and buddies, performance by great artists on the open-air stage, New year’s activities from all around Japan…. No doubt it will be the first big event of 2015 in the world!!
The event will be delivered by the collaboration of the team “Morning Gloryville Tokyo”, London based early morning rave which you can join before you go to work and was brought to Japan in July 2014, and the team led by “Afro&Co.”, the party creator famous for his Bubble party and Burning Japan.
Whether you go to see the first sunrise, go to Hatsumoude (the New year’s visit to shrines) or even on the way back from the countdown event, join us to celebrate the beginning of new year!!

▽▽▽ Latest Information ▽▽▽
We are looking for the staffs who can work with us!!

<< Attraction of NEW YEAR FES ①:Rave which you can witness the first sunrise >>
As early morning rave, the event will start from 6:30am and the first sunrise on the 1st January 2015 is forecasted at 6:50!! Rave which you can see the first sunrise with good music and with good buddies! There is no option not to join in!
※Please be informed that due to the weather condition, we may not be able to see the sunrise.

<< Attraction of NEW YEAR FES②:Rave full of New year’s activities >>
In addition to the awesome artists, we are preparing to offer the various activities that you can only experience in Japanese New year! Currently, we are planning to conduct Mochi-tsuki (rice cake making), Amazake (Sweet sake), Kakizome (first Japanese calligraphy of the new year), Photo booth (snap your first photo of the year!) and so on. We will update the contents in our site.

<< Attraction of NEW YEAR FES③:Rave anyone could join at any time >>
Unlike other days, from end of year to the morning of new year, we have trains! This is helpful! So we are open to whom just joined the countdown and on the way back home, early birds, or people who is either on the way or back from Hatsumoude (the New year’s visit to shrines). From 6:30 in the morning till 12:30, our door is open with the various activities you can enjoy all through the event!!

◎ Event Detail

1st January, 2015 ( Thu ) 6:30-12:30 ( Open from 6:00 )
Ticket x 1 : ¥3,500 ( Door ¥4,500 )
( Ticket x 4 : ¥12,000 )

◎ Guest Profile

and more...

◎ New year’s activities
We are currently planning to conduct Mochi-tsuki (rice cake making), Amazake (Sweet sake), Kakizome (first Japanese calligraphy of the new year) and the Photo booth.

◎ Food & Drink Menu
We are planning to have stylish new year dishes (Osechi) and craft beers from all over Japan.

<< Our Resolution for NEW YEAR FES and 2015 >>
“Morning Gloryville Tokyo” started in July 2014 as an early morning rave which people could join before their works or schools. Under the vision to “create the most exciting morning in Japan”, team was formed and plan was drawn. The first event took form with the cooperation of numbers of supporters, and that was how Morning Gloryville Tokyo was born, with more participants than we originally expected.
Since then, we are holding the event every month, so that it would eventually become a “space” where people would naturally gather and be part of their routine. Morning Gloryville Tokyo is thriving everyday to create the “community” where both promoter and participants can enjoy and pumped up for the day to come.
We want to provide an event which would be loved by all in the long term…. Not the one that people goes and think “it was fun! Worth trying once”. To realize this, we would continue to improve through 2015!!
To show this determination… we will hold the NEW YEAR FES, the first big event of 2015 in the world !! In collaboration with Afro & Co. by afromance, the Party creator famous for his Bubble party and Burning Japan, we promise to lit up your start of year!!
We look forward to enjoy 2015 with you!!

<< What is weekday early morning rave - ”Morning Gloryville Tokyo”? >>
“Morning Grolyville Tokyo” is Japan’s first early morning rave, created under the concept of pumping up the day with music, dance and entertainment. Originated in London, UK, this highly popular event attracts more than 500 people each month! Together with NY, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Zurich etc, it finally arrived in Tokyo Japan in 2014!!

Official website:http://sochofes.jp
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/morninggloryvilletokyo
Twitter : https://twitter.com/GloryvilleTKY

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【Notice】Please read carefully
Please be informed that the ticket cannot be refunded, changed or canceled.
It is expected that the event will be very exciting and full of participants. Should you feel unwell in any way, please let our staff know and follow their instruction.
We will not have any lockers with keys. Please take care of your valuables and belongings.
No alcohol is allowed in the event. Participant who cannot follow this rule will be asked to leave immediately. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
There will be press and video shooting on site. We will prepare areas where shooting will not take place. If you would not like to be in any filming, please ask staff for the area on arrival.
Thu Jan 1, 2015
6:30 AM - 12:30 PM JST
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Ticket x 1 SOLD OUT ¥3,500
Ticket x 4 SOLD OUT ¥12,000
Venue Address
東京都江東区 豊洲6-1-14 Japan